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General Info

FOUNDED: 19 December 2012

Official Abbreviation: WZFW (WarriorZ Fanfiction Wiki)

Badges: ON

Chat: ON

Important Pages


  • PG - Grammar

User Birthdays List

Feel free to use the link creator to add a direct link to your userpage as the target page/URL then add just your username as text to display with the day after an ~ or  - so we can all celebrate the special day!




Kittycat79 ~ 15th


Blizzardpelt ~ 23rd




Pintosong ~ 23rd

Hawkbreath ~ 10th

Falconstream ~ 11th




Blazefur6776 ~ 28th



Wiki Allegiances


DEPUTY: Blizzy


APPRENTICES: Hawk, Blaze, Pinto, Falcon

ELDERS (inactive members):

CATS OUTSIDE CLANS (current & former major spammers/vandals):

If you would like to be added to the Apprentices section, contact me. If I/my Deputy has just given you admin and/or rollbacker rights, me or the Deputy will immediately add you as a Warrior.

If your account has changed since you were first added to the allegiances, feel free to delete and redo it so that others can view an up-to-date members list.

Thank you.

Earning Ranks

This is how you ascend/descend to different ranks in the wiki allegiances. In special cases, some requirements may be removed, added or changed.

APPRENTICE - Join wiki

WARRIOR - 200+ edits, 1 finished fanfic

DEPUTY - Former deputy has resigned, 400+ edits, 2 finished fanfics. The above is simply to become a candidate for deputyship; it is the leader who picks the deputy

LEADER: Former leader has resigned, 800+ edits, 3 finished fanfics, deputy

EXTRA (these are ranks that are never desired):

ELDER: Has announced to leader that they cannot partake in wiki activity any longer

CATS OUTSIDE CLANS: Trolling users, vandalizing/spamming the site

NEGATIVE ACTS (this is is what will cause you to descend to a lower rank or even get banned, see more here):

Editing/deleting accounts/articles without permission/reason

Abusing admin rights (banning people unnecessarily, rollbacking innocent edits, kicking innocent users from chat, etc.)

Trolling/insulting innocent users

Repeating acts you have already gotten banned for

Making fanfics with curse words/sexual references or scenes, etc.

Wiki Advertisements

Put links to your wikia site(s) here. Remember to sign, like I (Kittycat79) have already done. Always put the link to the front/main page of your wiki. If you are not an admin and are an otherwise full member of this wiki, you can ask an admin to put your wiki here, with your username in a link after, like this: Kittycat79, and the adder's name in brackets, like this: (added by Kittycat79). - User:Kittycat79Kittycat79]]Miststorm Preys On You... 03:24, September 16, 2013 (UTC) - Pintosong (added by Kittycat79) - Hawkbreath (added by Kittycat79) - Pintosong (added by Kittycat79)

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